Global Pro Services Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our public relations services have developed from a basic service to a more inventive service that can use two-way communication (Process) between the organisation and its relevant public sectors. Our PRO service solutions cover all kinds of document-clearing services. For all different kinds of enterprises, we offer a practical answer. The team will communicate with governmental organisations on your behalf and is made up of experienced, competent, and trained Emiratis.

A government liaison officer, often known as a public relations officer or PRO is necessary for any company in the UAE. The PRO performs a variety of duties. Others are exclusively interested in starting and managing enterprises. Some of them are worker-focused. To register and establish, a business must go through a number of legal procedures with Dubai Economy Development. To accelerate these needs, our skilled consultants provide top-notch PRO services in the UAE.

The quantity of PR agencies in the area is a good indicator of how popular PR has become there. Significant expansion has occurred over the previous ten years (see table below). Valuation is trickier to pin down, with estimates resting anywhere from $500 million to $1 billion depending on which factors are factored in (such as retainers, media monitoring fees, event management, print production, and so on).

Pro Services, or professional services, in Dubai, are specialized services that help businesses with their legal and administrative tasks. These services can range from obtaining visas and work permits to registering a company, trademark, or patent. Pro services can help businesses save time and effort by taking care of the complex paperwork and procedures required for legal compliance in Dubai. Working with a reputable pro services provider in Dubai can help businesses navigate the regulatory environment efficiently and ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements. This can ultimately assist firms in focusing on their core activities and achieving their growth goals.

Our PRO Principles

  • Advocacy
  • Clients’ Rights
  • Relationship Building

Benefits of PRO services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

  • Your costs will be reduced, we promise.
  • You will have more time to concentrate on your core business operations because we are already saving you time.
  • Reminder service for renewals.
  • We’ll keep you regularly informed on governmental initiatives, rules, and regulations.
  • All government fees and expenses will be broken down in great detail, along with supporting documentation.
  • Save significant savings on unneeded payroll expenses like salary, gratuities at the conclusion of a job’s tenure, annual leave, travel, medical reimbursements, vehicle upkeep, petrol, and parking, to name a few.
  • Further employee liabilities are exempted.

Dependable and High Profile Local Partner in the UAE

According to the UAE Companies Law, an individual who is a national of the UAE must perform the role of “local pro service agent” for a Limited Liability Company. A UAE citizen must perform the role of the LLC’s “Local professional service agent” in order to adhere to UAE company legislation. Foreign equity may not exceed 49% of the total equity of the Company, with the Local Partner owning 51% or more of the Company’s ownership. When entering a new market and choosing a local partner, businesses frequently express worry.

We will locate trustworthy, multi-talented people for you who will contribute to the business rather than just serve as a bedmate. By educating foreigners about the value of hiring a qualified local corporate service agent when forming a company, we hope to bring attention to these entrepreneurs and encourage them to do business in China. As foreigners are unfamiliar with the processes for dealing with an official here, we act as a channel of communication and networking for officials. We serve as the connecting link; we implement the shortcut because we have faith in their expertise and solutions. As a result, we modify it and offer it in a local context, preferably under the auspices of a local business.

Without PRO services, doing business in Dubai is difficult. In addition to having a strong business strategy, entrepreneurs’ chances of success also depend on how well they adhere to the necessary paperwork and regulations, such as immigration and labour rules. Numerous government agencies must frequently be liaised with by the firms, which may divert investors’ attention from their key strengths. Smart businesspeople overcome these obstacles by outsourcing these legal needs to PRO firms in Dubai.